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How Is The Mobile Phone LCD Screen Classified?

Dec. 28, 2018

The LCD screen of the mobile phone can be divided into: STN screen, TFT screen, TFD screen UFB screen, OLED screen. With the gradual popularity of color screens, the material of mobile phone screens has become more and more important. Today, the iPhone 8 Plus LCD Screen Manufacturer will explain to everyone what is different.

STN is the main component of the early color screen. It can only display 256 colors at first. Although it can display 4096 colors or even 65536 colors through technical transformation, the current STN is still 256 colors. The advantages are: low price and low energy consumption.

The brightness of the TFT is good, the contrast is high, the layering is strong, and the color is bright. The disadvantage is that it consumes more power and costs more.

UFB is a display designed specifically for mobile phones and PDAs. It features ultra-thin and high brightness. It can display 65,536 colors with a resolution of 128×160. The UFB display uses a special grating design that reduces pixel pitch for better picture quality. UFB combines the advantages of STN and TFT: it consumes less power than TFT, and its price is similar to that of STN.

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