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3 Mobile Phone Accessories That Must Be Lost

Dec. 01, 2018

Since the invention of the mobile phone, various accessories around it have been laid out. Many friends started to purchase various accessories to decorate their mobile phones after changing their new mobile phones. But everyone must pay attention, not all accessories are suitable for your mobile phone. Some of the accessories you are using may be hurting your phone quietly.

1. Dust plug: The dust plug will wear the earphone interface, causing the traces that cannot be wiped off. If the dust plug of the soft rubber is out of specification, your headphone jack will be broken. The metal dust plug may also damage the circuit at the earphone interface, causing the short circuit of the mobile phone, which is harmful to the main board. In fact, the earphone hole of the mobile phone itself has a dustproof effect, which is enough to cope with the dust appearing in daily life.

2. Mobile power: Mobile power is almost standard when going out. If you have not carefully considered the purchase, the mobile power you use now may have certain security risks. Inferior mobile power because of low price, the board is often relatively simple, the inferior battery core lacks consistency, seriously affecting the stability of power supply.

3. Data line: Generally speaking, the life of a data line is very short, and it needs to be replaced after about half a year. Usually, everyone is basically in the bag or the company has a data cable, in order to prevent the strange place to borrow the line to charge. Sometimes everyone will choose a low price data line.

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