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Classic iPhone 6 Officially Discontinued

Jul. 17, 2019

All along, Apple's mobile phones have multiple generations of products sold at the same time. Therefore, the new operation, the old operation, and other routine operations, there is no such thing in Apple. News from the supply chain, Apple production line adjustment, a generation of classic models - iPhone 6 officially discontinued. The iPhone 6 is the phone that Apple released in 2014. It has sold 250 million units in the past five years.

Before the iPhone 6, Apple phones were small screens. But that is a time when big-screen mobile phones have become popular, so I hope that Apple’s voice of big-screen mobile phones is very high. The iPhone 6 is also Apple's post-Steve Jobs era, and Cook is in charge of the first product released in the future. Apparently, Cook has met the needs of fans.

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Later, it turned out that the big screen strategy was very successful. When iPhone sales soared, especially in the Asian market, iPhone 6 sales increased by 90% from the previous month, up 46% year-on-year, and 74.47 million units were shipped in the first quarter. Today, this classic product has finally withdrawn from the historical arena.

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