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Four Ways To Maintain iPhone Battery

Dec. 03, 2018

No electricity, how to eat chicken? How many times does your mobile phone charge? Is it necessary to change the battery again?

Regularly checking the battery information can only help us understand the battery loss and does not extend the battery life for you. For the old-fashioned problem of the iPhone battery, Xiaobian wants to say that the battery can be maintained. As long as you notice the following points during normal use, your battery life will be longer.

1. Avoid using irregular charging accessories

Native is not necessarily the best, but the original must be the safest. The same is true for charging accessories. In the process of charging, it has a direct impact on the mobile phone. The use of pirated or uncertified chargers and data lines can cause a certain degree of irreparable damage to the equipment. Therefore, I hope that everyone will not use the irregular accessories for the reasons of price, causing huge losses to their use.

2. Pay attention to the temperature of the environment in which the equipment is located.

Some friends may have encountered such a thing. On a cold winter night, you take the iPhone to run outdoors, and suddenly you will be prompted that the temperature is too high to work properly. The iPhone's battery has a certain temperature requirement for the operating environment. The device is ideal for working between 16°C and 22°C.

3. Update your system under the right conditions

In fact, in the update of the official version of iOS, it includes optimization of battery usage and equipment life. The latest version of the energy-saving technology is generally better than the previous version, but it is recommended that you upgrade according to the actual situation. For example, if the device model is too old and the latest system is forcibly updated, it may not be worth the loss, so updating your system to the new version under the right conditions is the best choice.

4. Store the device to ensure the power

If you are temporarily not going to use your iPhone, be sure to keep the device at around 50%. Because when the battery is lost to a very low value, it may fall into a deep discharge state, which may damage the battery.

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