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How To Choose Mobile Phone Accessories?

Nov. 29, 2018

In fact, for Mobile Phone Accessories, nothing more than the standard configuration when purchasing a mobile phone and other mobile phone accessories that we invested in when we used or played the game. If you classify these accessories, there are the following broad categories.

1. Battery type: The battery is often the most invested by everyone. With the current functions of the mobile phone and the configuration of the screen, most of the mobile phones are purchased at the standard configuration is a battery, which obviously can not meet our needs.

2, charger category: including travel charger (direct charge), seat charge (universal charge), mobile charger, car charger.

3, earphones: headphones are generally available in the standard configuration, but for those who want to pursue better music playback, you need to buy more professional headphones (limited to support standard 3.5mm caliber mobile phone or have 3.5mm interface Headphone extension cable for mobile phones). LCD remote control or ordinary mobile phone remote control.

4, data transmission class: including data lines), synchronization base, memory card, card reader, infrared adapter, Bluetooth adapter. These things are essential for us to download ringtones, pictures, software, etc..

5, Bluetooth class: Most of our friends say Bluetooth refers to Bluetooth headset, in general, the phone supports Bluetooth function can connect Bluetooth headset to make calls, but there are exceptions, such as NEC. In addition, the Bluetooth products of mobile phones are not limited to these, such as Bluetooth GPS module, Bluetooth keyboard, Bluetooth watch, Bluetooth speaker, Bluetooth media center and so on.

6, protection and beautification categories: including mobile phone screen film, a variety of mobile phone sets, mobile phone lanyards, shells, keyboards and various stickers or stickers, etc., these gadgets are often loved by girls, but for male friends, It is necessary to invest in the daily protection of mobile phone accessories.

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