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Why Use Four Cores In The Phone Charging Cable?

Mar. 21, 2019

As an iPhone 7 Plus Charging Flex Cable Exporter, let's  introduce you to the mobile phone charging cable.

If the mobile phone is out of power, we often use the mobile phone data cable to charge the mobile phone. It is very convenient to use. The data cable is used to charge mainly two copper wires inside, but there are four core wires in the data cable. Do you know why you need to use four cores?

The mobile phone data cable is inseparable from our mobile phone, because the battery life of the mobile phone is limited, and the mobile phone is also relatively power-hungry. So there is a more convenient tool to charge, to ensure that the phone can be used at any time, so the data line is the best choice. The mobile phone data cable is powered by two cores inside, but there are four cores in the data cable, two of which are used for charging and two for data transmission. So it is the function of charging and data transmission, which is why there are four cores in the data line.

Four cores inside the data line, two charged, two data transmissions. Generally, there are more two cores for charging and the wire diameter is thicker. The advantage of this is that charging can be faster. Of course, the data line can transmit data in addition to charging, and the other two are used to transfer files, pictures and other information. of. The wire gauges of different data lines are also different, but the data lines are the same, that is, all the data lines are four cores.

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