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iPhone 11 Concept Design Released ! 2

Jun. 10, 2019

As an iPhone X Volume Button Flex Cable Wholesaler, we continue to share the conceptual design of the iPhone 11.

The concept version of the iPhone 11 satisfies everyone's imagination of a true full-screen phone. The narrow four sides wrap the screen, and there is only one screen in the hand. The iconic bangs on the iPhone XS series have finally disappeared, and the navigation keys below remain, and it seems to be the same set of gestures.

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At the top of the phone, the designer adopted a more daring solution, including two camera components, flipped up to face the user, can be used as Face ID and self-timer, it is different from the current common lift camera solution. In addition, this iPhone 11 concept machine only has a camera behind it. Although the current multi-camera mobile phone is a development trend, the single-camera mobile phone represented by the Google Pixel 3 series can also have super strong shooting performance and does not rule out the future mobile phone. Taking pictures will return to the single-shot era.

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