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Why Is The Screen 0f A Smartphone Getting Bigger And Bigger?

Feb. 26, 2019

Why is the screen of a smartphone getting bigger and bigger? Today iPhone 8 Plus LCD Screen Frame Exporter will tell you the answer.

1. Battery density bottleneck, requiring a large screen to support mobile phone replacement.

2. Knowledge education faults, and cultural differences between countries, it is inferred that 50% of the world needs to rely on handwriting, strokes, and input into the mother tongue. So the big screen is convenient for handwriting.

3. The performance of the mobile phone is enhanced, and the mobile game is more and more biased towards the PC game operation experience, so the big screen game otaku favorite.

4. The more transactions that are processed on the phone, the longer it takes to use. The more scenes that replace traditional PCs and tablets, the more inevitable the need for larger display screens.

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