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How Many iPhone Users Replaced the Original Battery in 2018?

Jun. 24, 2019

Do you know how many iPhone users replaced the original battery in 2018? The data is amazing. As an iPhone X WiFi Antenna Manufacturer, let's take a look.

In order to solve the "speed-down door" incident that broke out last year, Apple introduced a special replacement battery service, and the cost of replacing the original battery for all iPhones was reduced from $79 to $29. Many consumers who have replaced the battery have said that the application speed of the iPhone battery is indeed faster, so it can be seen that Apple's service is very beneficial to consumers.

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Foreign media reported that Apple CEO Cook revealed at the staff meeting that Apple replaced a total of 11 million batteries last year, which means that nearly 11 million users worldwide have replaced the iPhone.

According to Apple's data, the number of iPhone battery replacements is between 1 million and 2 million per year, and this year's data has increased 10 times. Although replacing the battery may affect people's enthusiasm for the new machine, we can still see Apple's efforts for the user experience.

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