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iPhone Will be Released with Waterproof Features AirPods Three Generations

Jul. 10, 2019

Many people are pessimistic about the sales of this year's iPhone, including financial analysts, who believe that the sales of new iPhone products this year will be disappointing. But analysts from Wedbush don't think so. He said: People's demand for the iPhone is very stable, so he is confident that he has previously sold about 180 million iPhones in 2019, although the changes from the Chinese market are very large, Apple's price reduction measures for some time ago are still obvious.

He also said that this year Apple will release three mobile phones, which are XS, XS Max, and XR follow-up upgrade models. Not only is their confidence in the new product, but he also predicted that Apple will release AirPods 3 with waterproof function by the end of the year.

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AirPods 2 was released in March of this year, adding wireless charging capabilities, using the latest H1 chips, and optimizing connectivity and call quality. But these obviously can't satisfy the user's demand for AirPods. The waterproof function can greatly increase the durability of the product. It is a very practical function. If AirPods 3 is really released at the end of the year, I don't know how many users will wait for this new product update?

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