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Why Do MobilePhones Have Glass?

Nov. 24, 2018

The glass of the lens of the mobile phone is mainly for protection, protecting the front lens and the coating from being worn (it can be considered as a protective glass).

The color change you are talking about, the terminology is called color shift, and this is generally not related to the glass outside the lens (unless your glass is dirty), after all, the cost of the phone lens is there.

The main reason for the color shift is that the lens of the lens group has poor dispersion control, the signal-to-noise ratio of the sensor, and the weak micro lens processing. Many times, it has a lot to do with the internal processing software of your mobile phone camera. This iPhone X Glass Lens is a brand new original replacement. This Glass Lens replacement is compatible with Apple iPhone X. We are iPhone X Glass Lens Wholesaler, if you want to know more about our iPhone X Glass Lens, you can contact us.

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