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Introduction Of iPhone X Screen

Mar. 30, 2019

As an iPhone X Front Camera Wholesaler, let's introduce you to the iPhone X screen.

The iPhone X includes a large, high-resolution, round-to-edge display that provides an immersive, content-rich experience that has never been the case before.

Screen size: In the portrait orientation, the width of the display on the iPhone X matches the width of the 4.7" display on the iPhone 6, iPhone 7 and iPhone 8. However, the display on the iPhone X is 145 higher than the 4.7" display. Leads to approximately 20% of the vertical space of the content.

The display on the iPhone X supports the P3 color space and produces a richer, more saturated color than sRGB.

iPhone X uses a wide range of colors to enhance the visual experience.

Use more wide-color photos and videos to be more realistic, and use wide-color visual data and status indicators to be more influential.

Gestures: The display on iPhone X uses screen edge gestures to access the home screen, the application switcher, the notification center, and the control center.

Avoid interfering with system-wide screen edge gestures. People rely on these gestures to work in every application.

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