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Mobile Phone Battery Is An Energy Storage Tool That Provides Power For Mobile Phones

Nov. 27, 2018

The Mobile Phone Battery is an energy storage tool that provides power for the mobile phone, and the mobile phone battery generally uses a lithium battery and a nickel hydrogen battery. The mobile phone battery generally consists of a battery core, a protection circuit and a casing. “mAh” is the unit of battery capacity, and the Chinese name is mAh.

Every piece of mobile phone battery with superior quality looks clean and clean, the texture is very clear, and the surface of the case is free of any scratches and damages. The label attached to the battery case should contain the type, model and capacity. , positive and negative signs, standard voltage, battery manufacturer name and other parameters. In addition, there should be no scratches on the metal contacts on the battery, and there should be no green or black mildew. If the mobile phone battery you selected is different from the genuine mobile phone battery described above, you can basically assume that the current purchased battery is a fake.

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iPhone X Battery 2716mAh