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Mobile Phone Front Camera Development

Nov. 15, 2018

Mobile Phone Front Camera development:When the mobile phone first came out, there was no camera. Later, the camera's functions were added and turned into a camera phone. There was a camera.

Advances in random hardware manufacturing technology, from the initial 300,000 pixels to the current 13 million standard, and even the high-end 24 million, the pixel is getting higher and higher.

From the original simple rear camera, with the rise of self-timer and video calls, mobile phone manufacturers have increased the front camera.

Functionally from the original selfie and video calls, Apple improved into a mirrored HD mirror that satisfies your beauty requirements.

The evolution of the front-facing camera is from scratch, from low pixels to high pixels, from a single function to a multi-functional development for multiple purposes.

We produce the iPhone X Front Camera to meet your multi-functional needs and give you a great shopping experience. We also have a variety of Apple mobile phone accessories available for you, such as: iPhone X PMIC IC Chip, iPhone X Digitizer Frame.

iPhone X Front Camera