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Apple's New Technology Will Eliminate iPhone Camera Bumps

May. 16, 2019

The camera bump has always been regarded as the slot of the iPhone design, although this brings more camera performance, but the appearance is somewhat resentful. Today, Apple intends to use lasers to transmit camera signals to improve or even completely solve the problem of camera bumps.

It is very difficult to completely insert the camera module into the slim body of the iPhone. Since the electronic communication path between different components must be spaced apart in space to ensure the high-density electronic components work properly, the electrical signal transmission is normal and mutual interference is avoided. So you have to keep each other "keep away", but it causes the camera to bulge.

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According to Apple's new patent, Apple intends to use multiple optical modules to enable the imaging sensor to transmit data to a dedicated component of the phone. One or more light emitting modules may be embedded in the imaging sensor, and a light receiving sensor is included in the dedicated component. In order to achieve a higher data transmission rate, multiple light emitting modules and receiving sensors may work in parallel. This means that signal transmission is achieved by leaving a distance of 100 microns (0.1 mm).

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