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How To Perform Battery Status Correction On Samsung Mobile Phones

Mar. 25, 2019

The Samsung mobile phone system can be used to correct the battery status with its own calibration software. As a company that produces Samsung S9 Non-removable Li-ion Battery, we have the following methods:

1. Enter the secondary engineering mode, press the button on the dialing interface, *#0228#, the following interface will appear, showing the current status information of your mobile phone battery, including voltage, temperature, power, etc.

The battery voltage is below 4.2V, indicating that your battery is not in good condition, or there is virtual power, because the factory voltage of the Samsung Galaxy S9 Battery 3000mAh is 5V, or you can look at the standard voltage label written on the original charger and battery of your mobile phone.

2. Individual Samsung phones will have a battery calibration status option in the settings. Click directly to enter the detection calibration.

3. Start calibration: First look at how much the phone's current battery level is displayed, provided that it is set to digital scale mode, such as 80% power. Then press quick start to start quickly, then the phone screen will automatically turn off, then we will light up the screen, repeat the operation three times or so, you will find that the power display is suddenly reduced or increased, the increase is generally not much, most will be reduced, this It is the virtual power of Samsung calibration software to clear the battery capacity. This method is best carried out when the battery display is full, full---correction----recharge---re-correction---recharge---re-calibration, cycle this method, The battery calibration is completed until the battery is constant at 100%.

This method is applicable to all models of Samsung mobile phones, and other Android phones are not guaranteed to be completely universal. This correction does not need to be done frequently, it can be done once in a few months, or when the battery is not working well.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Battery 3000mAh