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Samsung Wants to Push the Second Folding Screen Phone

Jul. 01, 2019

Recently, Samsung Galaxy Fold officially entered the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and then it was introduced to the market, but Samsung did not seem satisfied. According to reports, Samsung plans to release its second folding screen phone, and now suppliers have begun to produce related parts.

In addition, it is reported that after the release of Galaxy Fold, Samsung began to develop two other folding screen phones. One is the "second folding screen phone", and the other is a folding screen phone with a flip-like design. According to speculation, it may be "vertical folding."

The detailed parameters of this "second folding screen phone" have not been disclosed. At present, the best form of folding screen mobile phone is still being explored, and major mobile phone manufacturers are scrambling to design and launch folding screen mobile phones, which is to occupy a dominant position in the initial stage of the competition.

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