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What Should I Do If The iphone Partial Screen Fails? 1

May. 05, 2019

After using the Apple mobile phone for a period of time, it is a few centimeters from the left or right side of the border, and the screen cannot be touched and clicked, resulting in local failure. Some mobile phone touch screen failure areas will gradually expand, what is the reason for Apple's mobile phone partial screen failure? As an iPhone X Volume Button Flex Cable Wholesaler, let us analyze it.

System compatibility issue

First, to troubleshoot the ios system firmware, follow the prompts below:

1. Restart the Apple phone and see if the touch screen is normal or not.

2. Then backup the data, then erase the iphone data, restore to the factory settings.

If the above two methods, Apple's mobile phone or partial screen failure is not resolved, it is basically a hardware problem.

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Screen touch screen is damaged

The touch screen of the Apple mobile phone screen is a capacitive screen, which uses the human bioelectricity to record the touch track through the conductive coating four-way current. Electrostatic and external force extrusion can affect the conductive coating. Especially static electricity may damage some of the coating. Try to use a hair dryer to heat the local screen failure position to eliminate static electricity. If the Apple phone is under warranty, consider replacing it with a new one.

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