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What Should I Do If The iphone Partial Screen Fails? 2

May. 10, 2019

As an iPhone 8 Vibrator Motor Taptic Wholesaler, we continue to show you how to solve the problem of iphone partial screen failure.

Motherboard touch IC

The touch IC is a controller unit for screen touch track calculation. A problem with the touch IC can cause all or part of the touch screen of the Apple mobile phone screen to malfunction. Only the motherboard can be replaced. Apple phone motherboard replacement reference Apple phone motherboard is broken how to do.

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Screen 2 line

The most common failure point of Apple's mobile phone partial screen failure is the screen No. 2 cable. The reason why it is called the 2nd line is because there is a number 2 on the line. After the Apple mobile phone is disassembled, it may not be too careful to cause poor contact of the cable due to assembly. You can re-open the phone and press the cable with your finger, then test it on the screen to see if there is any malfunction.

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