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Our Team

Laurence Huang

Director , Engineer of CNC (Computer numerical control)factory,familiar with CAD(Computer Aided Design),Mastercam,Pro/Engineer,UG(Unigraphics NX)etc.

Selina Lieu

Business Development Directo.Rich experience with SNS/SEO/Marketing strategy.“I always put myself in the shoes of the customers”

Brolin Young

Customer Care& filer

“I must work with cautions,every document can’t have any mistake,it will cost problem for my customer”

Damon Lau

Marketing &Sourcing Director.To adjust strategy depend on analysis market state.“I can distinguish quality of phone repair parts,I am familiar with market price and source”

Jeff Huang

Engineer Manager. “My major work it is to install all assembly including LCD,Housing to made them have good feel when you press the button”

Sam Chou

Engineer.”I can test front camera flex cable,rear camera flex cable,charging flex cable etc,including all parts clear and refurbish,even package.”


CEO of factory.With 15 years CNC product processing experience,in charge of aluminum housing & LCD bezel research and development.mould precision can meet Japan’s peak demand.


Contact: Selina Lieu

Phone: +00852 8191-5200

Tel: +00852 8191-5200


Email: info@einpassung.com

Add: 3F HuaKen Building ShenNan Road NO.2073 FuTian ShenZhen China